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Уважаеми членове на АБМД,Учтиво молим за Вашата подкрепа при разпространението на проучването до фирми-производители на текстил до приключването на проучването на 3 ноември 2023 г. Анкетата е кратка и е налична на български ТУК. Днес практиките за закупуване са в основата на неравностойните отношения купувач-доставчик и пречат на способността на работниците и ръководството на текстилните […]


Млади таланти в модата!

For another year, the National Competition “Young Talents in Fashion” was held (April 13 – 15, 2022), and this year’s theme was “Past in the future”. The event is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science in partnership with the National Association of Fashion Schools “Rositsa Ivanova”, the Bulgarian Association of Textiles, Clothing and […]

What are the most important trade shows in the world?

Every year, various international trade shows are held in different parts of the world, such as Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, USA, Hong Kong, etc. Related to different sectors, trade exhibitions provide great trade opportunities due to the fact that manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and designers come together to create future business prospects and opportunities. […]