The Association of Bulgarian Fashion Designers is a non-profit legal entity for carrying out public benefit activities focused mainly on the fashion industry. The main goal of the Association is to support and promote the work of Bulgarian designers of clothing, shoes, fabrics and accessories.
It is a voluntary and self-governing organization.


Our Goals


  1. To help increasing the authority of fashion designers and the development of their activity in the country and abroad;
  2. To provide information to the society about its activity and its results and to contribute to the realization and development of its goals by taking the place of an authoritative factor in the economic life of the country;
  3. To encourage the development of education and talents related to the development of fashion design in order to prosper the industry in Bulgaria;
  4. To work for the unification of Bulgarian and European designers and to assist in creating new working positions in Bulgaria;
  5. To work for the establishment of professional and social relations between the members of similar organizations from different countries;
  6. To work for raising the qualification of its members in all possible and permitted by law ways;
  7. To show the direction, new technologies and tendencies of its members regarding the field in order to reach useful information to a large number of people;
  8. To protect the rights of its members in front of state authorities and institutions, as well as in front of other similar organizations in the country and abroad;
  9. To defend the interests of its members, related to the development of their professional activities, to take care of their material interests;
  10. To develop and participate in programs for development and popularization of the activity of its members in view of the membership of the Republic of Bulgaria in the European Union;
  11. To monitor compliance with professional ethics and fair competition.